Advantages of live chat support

What is the secret mantra for success in the digital world? It is nothing but the speed of delivery.

Today’s customer wants everything instantly, and technology makes it possible.

But do you think the same is true when we think about customer service? Well, it is not if you are still using old-fashioned ways.

Gone are the days when customers were happy to get a response in a few days or hours. They expect it now in minutes. Delay in giving a reply to a customer brings a high risk of losing him.

Therefore, it is high time to switch to smarter and faster ways.

One of the ways is the use of Live Chat to respond to your customers. It makes it possible to have a real-time conversation with your customers when they are browsing your website.
live chat

Today’s customer wants it!

Statistics say that one-third of customers want a live chat. They prefer communicating with the chatbot and getting their queries resolved then and there.

Customers love it! Why? Because it is a quick and convenient way. And it is a hundred times faster than any other service channel.

No wonder from banks to restaurants, and insurance companies to E-commerce websites, and food delivery sites to utility services; everyone is introducing a live chat facility on the website.

Let’s talk about a few benefits of offering live chat support.

Live chat is a lot more than quick customer support

Experts say that providing live chat support isn’t just a way to support your customers. But it is something that positively impacts your business.

In the era of connectivity, people want to remain connected always

Customers do not want to wait in the long queue while calling at the call center. Also, they don’t like to expect your business to open. They want a resolution to their queries instantly whenever they wish.

Installing a live chat system like Drift, you can offer live chat platform that can even schedule a meeting also. The automated lead collection and support tool provided by Drift is quite useful for your sales team.

Drift is the only tool that is customizable, configurable, and it offers automation support.

Real-time interaction keeps the customers engaged

By installing state-of-the-art systems such as Zendesk or Intercom, you get highly intuitive software platforms that can anticipate the requirements of your customers.

If a customer is proactively approached by a chat boat, then most probably he or she will engage in a deal.

Live chat software enables you to:

  • Proactively engaging with customers to initiate business.
  • Connecting fast and responding fast to customers.
  • Tracking the browsing details and responding to customers.
  • Automatically connecting to customers.
  • Gathering demographic information of the customers.
  • Adding to customer support system.

Thus, by installing smart live chat systems, you can achieve an increase in sales. Zendesk is considered the best in collecting and organizing customer information. It offers smart scheduling tools to manage meetings.

Intercom chats have been quite effective in boosting sales. It can send an automated email to users so that they can be converted into customers. You do not have to buy a separate tool now. It has been embedded with chat.

Moreover, Intercom gives the whole conversation in one feed. So, you don’t have to run pillar to post for compiling the communication history. It is incredibly convenient, indeed.

Support your customers in the best way

Live chat systems like JivoChat improve the way you respond to the customers. When they browse through the website, the chat box pops up automatically so that customer can get in touch with you by chatting live.

It is quite enticing for the visitor as he an immediate answer to the question that is troubling him. It is easy to customize the frequently asked questions.

JivoChat is ideal in collecting customer information also. They can leave the credentials so that you can contact them later and understand what they are looking for?

Thus, by establishing a personal rapport, you can explore more about them.


In the fiercely competitive market where customers expect 24×7 support, you have to be proactive in providing it.

The best way is to offer a Live Chat platform which is automated, available round the clock, and customer friendly.

All live chat platforms work on all types of devices. The interface is easy to use and universal. Adding the feature and integrating with the backend is not tricky.

You can seek support of an expert if you are not confident about it.

Influencer Marketing: How to build a brand in the 21st Century

Paper marketing, Radio marketing, TV marketing and the newest in the race to win brand marketing is Influencer Marketing. But with the presence of probably millions of influencers working on ideas and brands on the whole wide spectrum one may wonder how to go about picking the right influencer for your brand. Social media is all about how creatively one can express them and how distinct that expression is from other similar content and as a business you need to understand whose unique creative expression vibes with your brand.


What is influencer marketing?

A common phrase used in the business world brought by the advent of the world of social media, influencer marketing is nothing but utilizing the power and influence of an internet famous personality to gain more client, customers or consumers. Unlike the traditional celebrity endorsement marketing the Influencer marketing is endorsement marketing by a social media personality and is generally market specific. Social media influencers are usually existing content creators or bloggers who already have a wide follower base in their particular markets. Businesses, whether start-ups or global brands, are now coming up with collaborations with these influencers to reach their industry specific audience to establish a direct and a more personal connection with them.

How did it begin?

Social media influencer marketing has given the more common traditional forms of marketing a run for their money and that too in a very short period of time. Influencer marketing in itself is not a novel idea. Celebrities and public figures have been brand ambassadors for various businesses and ideas, sometimes carrying the brand’s legacy for years.

However, the arrival of internet can be described as no less of a game changer. It boosted global connectivity and the access and affordability of this internet made social networking the king of the online world. The emergence of social media soon introduced the idea of “followers” and you could follow anyone online, even the non-famous “average” persons. Some of these individuals who were not celebrities gained huge popularity over night as trends came and went. They were artists, beauty bloggers, Youtubers, gym trainers etc. The millennials and Generation Z find these video or content creators more relatable than the celebrities who generally set the sky way up high for everyday average individuals. It took only so long for the marketing geniuses around the world to take the next big step.

Why is the trend so popular?

Marketing geniuses out there can safely say that the trend of social media influencer marketing will not be experiencing a depression any time soon and is here to stay. There are plenty of reasons why influencer marketing gained popularity and has not seen a slump.

Integrity– Each influencer attaches an element of integrity when associated with your brands. Since social media influencers largely depend on their follower base and hence are less likely to be woefully dishonest and inflate posts. And since this integrity is gained gradually brands don’t have to work on that sphere of marketing. Influencer marketing converts credibility into currency.

Believable & Achievable- For the longest time celebrities were the sole advertisers of brands and though they raised the overall charm of the product they also set unrealistically high standards for the users. Social media posts by influencers are more believable and seem more relatable to their follower base than celebrities marketing the same product. Influencers are able to rub a little personal touch to the product since they themselves use and review the products for their followers.

Inexpensive- Social media influencers are always looking for content for their followers and potential followers. They actively show interest when approached by businesses and since influencer marketing is more like a collaboration rather than an endorsement it is much more efficient and inexpensive compared to other form of similar hard-hitting direct marketing.

Bonus content- Marketers usually have to rack their brains and spend ample resources and time to come up with additional content and ideas to support their brand. They need enough to kick start a brand marketing campaign. Social media influencers lighten this load down notch because you are basically outsourcing the job to them. It is their creativity that will show up on their social media while marketing the brand. Of course, you prior discussions give you an idea about how the campaign will end up looking but the presence of bonus content on the influencers page saves up your time and resources.

How does Influencer Marketing work?

It is essential for businesses to be on the lookout for influencers who work in their industry- whether it is beauty or fitness or travel & food and this cannot be done at random. Identify influencers who specifically use your products or get in touch with users who already display a tinge of loyalty for your product or business. Of course, in some cases this may prove to be hard- to discover just the right influencer who already is a loyal consumer or user of your product but don’t stop there. Communicate with potential interested influencers working in your market. Marketing to one person is easier than selling to thousands! Additionally, this establishes a link or a connection to a much bigger audience. One of the common yet best ways to do that is by sending free hampers or samples to these influencers to establish certain faith and confidence in the brand.

Followers would more likely be attracted to your brand if you choose an honest and credible influencer who exudes and inspires confidence by demanding involvement by their follower base. Connect with influencers and form long term collaborations so that your brand has consistent and loyal consumers. Hold contests, takeaway campaigns and remember it’s not money that wins followers on social media.

It is not necessary to find someone who gives inflated review of your products but someone who may even come up with constructive suggestions in review. Unbiased and reasonable influencers may still be able to win you the market.

7 Steps to increase your Facebook Group members to 1000+

Facebook groups are good for the purpose of promotion and advertisement purposes in any industry. A Facebook group can actually increase your network and give you a way to show your content and products to multiple people on a single platform. Facebook groups are widely used by large companies, businesses, artists, bands, traders, consultants etc. So, If you also own a Facebook group want to increase its group members then follow the step listed below.

networking facebook group

1. Post Regularly

You must post regular content related to the niche of your group. Try adding at least more than one post on your group whether it is text, image or video.

There are some tools available for scheduling the posts like Buffer and Hootsuite. By using these tools you can schedule your group post to any desired time and day. If you post worthy content on your group on a daily basis then people will share it more and there are more chances to attract new people to your group.

2. Engage with Facebook group members

If you are the owner of a group then you should keep indulging with your audience. In this way, the will feel that the group is fully active and happening. They will stay there permanently and invite their friends to your group also.

3. Filter all the Posts from Facebook Group members

Some times people come to the groups to only post their spammy and inappropriate content to the groups. If someone is doing this thing on your group then it will be bad for both the group and its members.

Always use the filter and approve the post after reviewing them properly.

4. Make your Facebook Group Special

Keep doing the things on the group that people love the most. Create polls, surveys, and online competitions to make your group more interesting. Do giveaways and promotional activities. People will love your group when you make them love it by your efforts.

5. Manage the joining requests

Do not make your group open for everyone. Always review the joining requests, watch their profile and allow them only if you find them worthy. Quality of the members will matter more than their quantity. So, allow and welcome the people who are coming here for genuine purposes.

6. Invite your Friends and share your Facebook Group

There are more possibilities that the manual invitation like emails and SMS will work better as an invitation to your group. Try adding your Facebook friends to your Group and make some deserving friends contributors too. Tell them to share your group link to their profiles.

7. Send Group Notifications

Enable group notifications so that people get a notification whenever someone posts anything on the group. This will provide the post more reach and audience then people will posting on your group regularly.


Once you start following these rules, you will definitely start getting lots of invitations in very little time. And when you achieve this, it will become the strongest belonging for your brand.