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How Important Is Content In Online Marketing?

We often get asked –

  • Is Content Marketing important ?
  • How important is the content of the website with regard to Online Marketing?

In addition to all tactics & strategies employed in online marketing, there is one vital thing you need to look forward to first.

You need to be recognized as a leader in your space. And for that to happen, you must be in a position to answer all queries and concerns, objections and doubts about your business.

Content has a pivotal role in effective online marketing.

People are looking for valuable information. That is what they seek and share.  Thus, providing valuable content to people is the key to success in online marketing.

How Important Is Content marketing

So, those who can create killer content & tie it to their business goals have the ability to create online marketing gold. They’re the ones who get it right while others fail.

How To Create Engaging Facebook Posts

All of us post messages to Facebook with the intention that people take some action, right?
Otherwise we wouldn’t be posting at all!

We want our Facebook friends and fans to  –

  • Click to read our posts
  • View & like the photos we share
  • Watch the videos we share
  • Comment on our posts
  • Share our Facebook posts

This isn’t always easy.

People typically do not share text updates, — although it does happen at times. Photos, videos & link posts get shared more often — but only if these Facebook posts are interesting & worth sharing.

Perfect Facebook Posts

How do you know if your Facebook posts are engaging & worth sharing?

  • Start by asking yourself: Would I be willing to share this?
  • If the answer is no, then you might want to re-think your post.
  • Most people will shy away from sharing a blog article or photo that’s of questionable or low quality.
  • Remember: just because you think it’s funny doesn’t mean everyone will.
  • So try and make sure your Facebook posts are something worth sharing — or it may be a big old flop!

Do you have more ideas on how to make more engaging Facebook posts? Please reply to this post and share your views!

Why is CPM not as popular as CPC?

The Cost per impression (CPM) model or Pay Per View is often appropriate if the advertiser is looking more for generating brand awareness or visibility for something.  What is more important in such cases is that people see the ad, not necessarily click it.

In digital marketing, Cost Per Click (CPC) has generally been perceived to be more accountable. People value clicks more than impressions from a business point of view. A click to a website also allows you to analyze what actions the customer took on your site.

You can’t do that only with impressions.