3 New Digital Marketing Ideas for 2017

Digital marketing managers are people who always think differently. They have the foresight and the sixth sense to hear the footsteps of the future. The year 2016 saw quite a happening time where new Digital Marketing Ideas came up and the world of digital marketing went through several changes.

There was a rampant increase in the use of social media, people preferred videos over texts and a great thrust was there in the retail reality. The coming year will bring a big change in the scenario, and only those who will be equipped and updated with most relevant Digital Marketing ideas will win the race.

As the celebrations and new year parties get over, let’s wipe out everything on the whiteboard and make it sparkling white.

Prominent digital marketing ideas that will rule the market in 2017

digital marketing ideas

Idea 1 >> Personalised and relevant content will be in a great demand

Yes, there will be a lot of hustle and bustle at the content front in 2017. If we believe the Digital Marketing geeks, then creating content that connects with the readers will be preferred in the coming years. A reader should feel as if the content is written for him, not something generic written for the whole world.

Remember, a reader doesn’t bother about gimmicks. What he needs is a genuine and authentic piece of content that resolves his queries or gives some solution to his problem. Location specific content and hyper-localised facts would also be preferred depending on the nature of query. The difference will be made by writing content better and not the use of keywords. In fact, keyword density has already become obsolete in view of the latest algorithms of Google. The same will become further meaningless by the end of 2017.

Idea 2 >> Mobile First will be the success mantra

2016 saw a great surge in the trend of accessing Video on Mobile. According to the top brains of Digital Marketing, the trend will continue in 2017 as well.  Therefore, it is very much essential that digital marketers keep it on their priority list.

Since the mobile market dominates the marketplace, marketers must design and conceptualise the strategy based on the mindset of users. What should be the appearance and feel? What should be the structure of promos? How is the mindset of mobile use different from the conventional user? If you need to target them, what should be the communication strategy?

Since the world of marketing becomes simpler today, marketing managers can effectively run a brand awareness campaign and measure the performance using the same channel. In the year 2017, you need to establish a consistent dialogue with the clients to assess the impact.

Idea 3 >> Live Streaming is a new Digital Marketing Idea

Experts say that interest in what is happening around will not get reduced in the coming times. Rather, it will enhance as there are several other ways available such as live streaming. Latest innovations like Facebook Live! worked in reducing the gap between what is happening and when it is being viewed to zero.

In a scenario when you have hundreds of ways of watching what is happening around, it is greatly important that people should prefer what you are showing them.  Very few brands have been able to capitalise on the concept so far. However, it is possible to quickly implement this digital marketing idea as the infrastructure is already there.

If you are a marketer who can create something special, big and really awesome in 2017; then you will be able to attract more eyeballs. Your Digital Marketing idea will lead the show, and others will follow.


Regardless of the ever-evolving field of digital marketing, the core principles won’t change. As a successful digital marketer, you need to define your objectives first and should remain consistent in achieving the same. Define the right marketing strategy to boost the business and measure the impact of it against the business goals. In the world of digital marketing, it becomes quite easy to run the brand and performance campaign and measure the impact.

When you run a digital marketing company, nothing is more relevant than numbers. Unless audience doesn’t understand what is being talked about, they are least bothered about the product or service. A seasoned digital marketer must look into the prominent areas that will make a difference in 2017.

These three prominent digital marketing ideas are useful and relevant for all. Reap great benefits by following them rightly.

More ideas will be greatly appreciated! Please comment below!