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Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Company in Pune

Spree Marketing is a team of dedicated professionals who convert great ideas into brilliant successes. We are an Digital Marketing Company catering to needs of small and big clients, startups and large enterprises, all under one roof. With a focus on brands, strategy and business objectives, we reap maximum benefits in the virtual world.

Digital Marketing Company in Pune


Founded by enthusiastic IT professionals in 2014, Spree Marketing conquered new heights by enhancing skills and abilities. From a Google Adwords Management company, we extended scope to areas such as Web Designing, SEO and Social Media.

With an excellent grip over the subject and the ability to strengthen bonds with clients, we are one of the most-sought internet marketing companies today.

We are imaginative and experimental

The phenomenal increase in web users has made it incredibly important to create an impressive online brand image. People don’t stay at your website if they find it dull and boring. Our internet marketing strategies engage the user to build excitement and trust.

Our strategy is simple: Understand your objectives and customize solutions. Our hunger for achievement eliminates roadblocks, the efforts bear fruit & your business graph reaches its heights.

A number of companies spend extravagantly on Digital Marketing. We design our campaigns in a manner to ensure efficiency – thus unwanted wastage is removed and your expenditure is kept low and benefits are high.

Our Digital Marketing Services

  • Website Design: Great design makes it possible to tell about you in an interactive and engaging manner when users visit your web page. We assure great web designs to our clients both functionality wise and form wise. We craft a framework before jumping directly to the design. As a leading Digital marketing company in Pune, we strive hard to showcase you brilliantly.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Websites need traffic to fulfill objectives. Assign the task of managing SEO to us and realize the difference. We ensure your website has answers searchers deserve, bringing you the most credible organic traffic.
  • Mobile & App Marketing: As the market gets loaded with mobile devices, it is critical to showcase your service through effective mobile apps.  Spree leaves no stone unturned to build an understanding of your mobile app in the perspective of users.
  • Creative Content Writing: In spite of so many changes in the Digital Marketing world, content is still the undisputed leader. Meaningful and engaging content is instrumental in attracting customers. At Spree Marketing, we have profound writers to amaze you with their creative content.
  • Social Media Marketing: When you have an engaging presence in social media, there is a high probability that you get excellent visibility. Social media is a  great Internet marketing Strategy to interact with people & potential customers and promote your brand image. To make your social media profile interesting, we  develop graphic design that gets your posts liked and shared
  • Advertising Platforms: Internet Advertising is a multifaceted niche today that ensures a widespread reach of your service or brand. You touch the specific target audience using the right medium, at the right time. We bring the key benefit of internet marketing by using perfect market segmentation and targeting methods. Targeting for Digital marketing campaigns categorizes  audience based on demographics (age,  gender, location), contextual (finding the right place for the right ad), and behavioral patterns.
  • Email Marketing: Email remains one of the most powerful tools to communicate with your clients and prospective buyers. Our email marketing strategies include designing capture pages and attractive landings.  Following-up with newsletters to organized lists generates more conversions.  By organizing lists of contacts and developing engaging landing pages, we generate the most conversion optimized email marketing campaigns.
  • Online Reputation Management: Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the act of monitoring, addressing or mitigating search engine result pages or mentions in online media and Web content. It is of great importance to companies to monitor how someone or something is perceived based on an internet search. As the amount of user-generated content on the internet grows, it began to affect internet search results more meaningfully, and the desire to change those results naturally followed. Neutralizing negativity, we track web results and manage social media to amplify positive conversations about your brand.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Investments made on marketing activities need to be aligned to organizational goals. An effective internet marekting strategy means you experience a phenomenal and unprecedented change in the way customers do business with you. We derive an efficient and to-the-point blueprint that stands you distinctly apart in the competitive scenario.
  • Branding & Design: Do branding and design just represent your product or service? No, it is the expression of the intent and vision of your company. Hence, you need an expert consultant like us who has the expertise in bringing out the intent in a promising and pure form. Whether we design logo or brochures, Infographics or print & advertising; our aim is to highlight the core values of your company. We maintain consistency across media so that the designs articulate the business goals effectively.

We are different from others

Being a profound Digital marketing company in Pune we are determined to perpetually enhance service quality. Our team of enthusiastic professionals blend creative inspiration with metrics driven marketing to churn out perfect digital marketing services to clients.

We create websites that are dynamic, engaging and user-friendly. An intelligent social media strategy keeps you distinctly visible in the virtual world. Lead generation that delivers conversions is our forte.

Our Clients

We are proud to render our services to the whole spectrum of clients who believe in our quality and reliability. We consider our clients as business partners. Hence, we are answerable and responsible for every move. Our honest approach and purity of intention attract big names across domains. Our esteemed clients are from the core IT Services, IT Outsourcing Companies, Media world, Real Estate, Ecommerce, and hospitality business.

We are equally focused on small, medium and large clients. Measurability of results and a strong mix of knowledge and practicality bring significant results. We bring a holistic, comprehensive Internet Marketing package and not discrete, standalone attempts.

Get in Touch with Spree – Digital Marketing Company in Pune

Give us a call when you need an expert internet marketing service provider. You will be overwhelmed by our approach and attitude.  Buzz us now or drop an email!

Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Agency In Pune

Marketing is one of the most important skills a business head is supposed to have. But it is not the same as before. Times when marketing was solely dependent on the word of mouth are gone and as digitization, modernization and socialization change the general rules of business, marketing has taken a new form too. Ironically, the complex market environment these days demands simple ways to deal with them. One of the simple ways is to leave different works of the business with experienced, trustworthy and skilled agencies. Assigning your marketing woes to a well-established online marketing agency ensures better chances of customer involvement and reactions today. Equipped with personnel who are well versed with the working, trends and attractions of the clients an online marketing agency gives you better chances while competing with similar business. At the same time a good agency reduces the workload and gives you the opportunity to focus on your core business.



One of the most important reasons why one should hire an online marketing agency is because there are certain components and aspects of online marketing that are not understood by regular personnel.  The widespread popularity of online marketing makes it a must for any and all kinds of business and developing a proper marketing strategy can be time consuming. What’s more is that the marketing strategy might not work at all even after devoting much needed time on it. This is exactly where an online marketing agency helps your business. Considering, comprehending and constructing a plan that is unique for your business; a plan that is tailored to focus relevant internet traffic; a plan that ensures better opportunities and to devise such a plan the first essential is to know the aspects of online marketing.


The most important aspect of online marketing is strategizing and compartmentalizing the content. It is essential to decide the right amount of information so that it isn’t vague and also not repetitive.

The content provided should be enough to engage the internet traffic and to keep them interested. Since analyzing these components is the first priority today and businesses are hiring specialized agencies that help them achieve the marketing target it is important to find an agency that fits your requirements and gives you a better chance in the industry. For some time now Pune’s marketing firms have been witnessing a steady growth. An online marketing agency in Pune that fulfils the marketing demands of your business can be the deciding factor for the future.
Content marketing is generally done through blogs or websites that stand to establish recognition among both the established and potential clients.


Even though there are countless number of social media stages all over the internet there are only a few which are sure shot used by majority of people. This sounds rather reassuring for social media marketers because the area of focus decreases. But look at it this way- the limited number of famous social networks you would be using for your business would most likely be used by other competitors in the same business. This is the exact reason why social media marketing becomes challenging. Innovation, creation and improvisation are just some of the essentials an online marketing agency solves for you. Social media marketing is “networking” in simple a term which makes it potentially great for increasing your brand popularity. You network or communicate with potential clients and this helps you not just put forth your brand but also to make note of their demands and tastes.


Emails are actually much older than the internet itself. The simple concept of conversing with others evolved with time and need and the newest development seems to be in the field of marketing. Using email to popularize one’s business in the market seems to be another innovation and as a business head you have a duty to make full use of it. The best advertising agencies help you out by using this seemingly simple but powerful tool to establish your name within the client circle. Email marketing can be considered as a link building technique which gives the clientele a personal feel. Newsletters, notifications, customized templates everything to build personalized connections.
From brightening up your business changes to ensuring regular publications everything is managed by a marketing agency. It is a cost saving marketing trick that guarantees return on investment. Finding the right target audience and riveting its interest on your business is the main aim of email marketing.


Another marketing strategy popular in the world of business today is “search engine optimization”. The concept is simple i.e. to get noticed among the other million search results of a word on a search engine. Whether you consider a search result page smart or not is subjective. If they are in your favor the results page is smart for your business. A marketing agency helps tilt the arrow towards objectivity a bit. Simply explained- search engine optimization helps design your advertisement/post/blog/website/publication in such a way that it focuses the needed internet traffic towards you. While other competitors in similar businesses are using all means to make their business come among the top searches the most prudent step is to hire your set of professionals that are experienced and skilled to strategize your business on the World Wide Web. Spree Marketing is an online marketing agency in Pune with proper SEO tools and marketing ideas that gives you a unique stage on the internet might just be your answer.

online marketing agency in pune

Today it doesn’t matter whether you’re an online based business or an offline business it has become a necessity to have an internet presence in order to  survive in the industry. Improving business visibility on the internet is no longer a job for the self. It requires the touch of a professional. Pune is a city already known for professionals in the marketing industry, and Spree Marketing is an Online Marketing Agency in Pune which provides you and your business the best assistance and better opportunity on the virtual platform.

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Marketing Strategies

7 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016

Every business independent of its size has to invest on marketing to increase or retain its market share or to maintain their goodwill. In today’s scenario, Digital Marketing has become an essential part of marketing activities, but the key is to be selective and go for the most efficient Digital Marketing strategies that are prevailing in the present and will stay for long.

digital marketing strategies

As the year ends and 2016 is approaching, your digital marketing strategy should be a combination of old as well as new techniques.  Here is our recommendation of 7 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016.

1. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about presenting yourself in the right way at the right place at the right time. It is about earning people’s interest by showing them relevant content while they are browsing online. Inbound marketing results in customers visiting the website with interest cultivated by this strategy; instead of Conventional Marketing where a company executive approaches a customer’s place.

2. Digital Outreach

It is nearly impossible to be a successful company without a digital presence. The key to attract customers is being at the top whenever they search something relevant. As searching is done on search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) becomes an essential part of Digital Marketing strategy. Picking keywords and optimizing your webpages should be at the top of your mind.

3. Blogging

Blogging is the best way to put up your message in your own unique style. Blogs can be found easily by the right prospective customers. Blogs should be clear and objective & the content of your blog must answer the question of the customer. Try using long tail keywords in your blogs to improve its search ability.

4. Enduring Appearance

Once your customers have been attracted and they are on your site, put up your best face forward. The website should be optimized, clean and impactful. Logo should be crafted in such a way that customers can identify you in future and re-live their experience by just seeing your logo. Helpful content should be there on the website.

5. Customer Relations

Any owner doesn’t just want random site views, ultimate aim is to convert strangers into customers. Contact information must be taken through forms or sign up processes. Contact information is the most valuable currency. Turn random site views by inorganic traffic into organic traffic.

6. Marketing Automation

Now you have your customer’s detail, follow them through emails. Send related mails only. If a customer was viewing some content, then in future send related series or any updates. Marketing Software like Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua and many more could handle this. These provide in-depth analytics on a single platform.

7. Ad Retargeting & Video Ads

Follow up your customers on the social platform by showing your ads with the content they love. Giving your message multiple times can have a positive impact. 2015 has been a successful year for Video Ad marketing strategy. Integration of video ads in apps, games and websites is the newest and successful ad strategy.


In today’s competitive world even Digital presence alone might not work as it did in 2014-15. Well planned and selective Digital Marketing strategies can put you above your competitors in 2016. As the New Year is on its way, implement these strategies will definitely boost your marketing campaign.

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