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Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.

7 Secrets To Going Viral On Social Media

While you struggle with finding the best and most efficient ways of tapping the right audience, you can’t ignore social media today. Social Media has the capability to make your content go viral and you can’t ignore it for sure! It is the new-age mode communication where people are more in touch with each other than the real world.

Going Viral On Social Media

Statistics says that in the countries like the USA, every third person is on social media. Worldwide, around 3 Billion people use the social media network, and the number is growing rapidly.

No wonder, marketing managers get allured with the immense potential it carries. Amongst several ways of exploring the power of it, creating a viral marketing campaign is effective and easy.

Viral marketing is a great tool because the impact is exponential.  Do you want to reap the benefits of it? Here are seven secrets that are being practiced by the world’s best brands.

1. Know the audience first

You have to hit point-blank. Don’t expect results by firing indiscriminately while going viral on the social media. The content made viral by you can be effective only when it goes to people who are looking for something similar.

Information about social media behavior, preferences of content, psycho-graphic and demographic mapping creates a logical representation of the target customers. Marketing geeks call it the ‘persona’. When a persona is created by knowing the preferences of the real, potential customers; it becomes more authentic and reliable.

Creating content that matches the likings and preferences of these customers will make a difference.

2. Pick the right social media platform

When you use social media for business promotion, choose the right one. The content you create has to be in tune with it. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn; all are superb. It depends on your preference, which one to choose.

The nature and temperament are different in case of each platform, and so is the reach. Content that does wonders on Facebook may not be as effective in LinkedIn or vice versa.

3. Content that creates high engagement is the prerequisite

To make effective use of the content on social media, it must keep the readers engaged.  The more engaging it is, the better it is.

Experts say that there are two reasons to make the content interesting. Firstly, it uplifts the ranking. Secondly, it gets re-shared pretty fast. Both aspects are beneficial for your brand, service or product.

4. Don’t forget the visibility aspect

Whether you are a big company or small, going viral on social media platforms will always be rewarding. The only thing is, you need to follow a different approach.

For a small organization, it could be a daunting task to create viral content. Make use of paid ads in this case. It will bring a good thrust to the visibility of your campaign.

While using paid ads, it is important to note that ads must target to influential customers. When they will re-share it, the spread will be enormous.

This is the secret of attaining visibility at lower costs.

5. Make a social media influencer your partner

Yes, it is a good idea! Hire a social media influencer as your partner. You will be amazed to know the effect. The majority of people who make use of a good influencer reap huge benefits.

Since they have a huge following, influencers can act as a strong medium to make your content go viral.

6. Call to action, the success mantra for viral marketing

What is the objective of making all these efforts? You need results. Therefore, media campaigns must guide the readers about what they need to do if they are interested in the brand, service or product?

Only re-sharing the content doesn’t bring any benefit unless it has specific action statement.

7. Grab the attention of media

You launch a campaign on the social media platforms and you may even sponsor it for more traffic. However, it gets a huge boost when the same gets noticed by media. Media news can have a multiplying effect.

Grabbing the attention of media is the key to make your campaign super successful.

In brief, these seven points make your efforts fruitful, and you reap good benefits by going viral on the social media. However, it is furthermore important to develop content that talks to the audience in a unique manner.

Use media analytics tools to measure the effectiveness and performance of the campaign. Tweak and twist your strategy as and when required!

Why do companies need Social Media Managers?

It is impossible that you do not know the relevance and importance of social media. Everybody, including entrepreneurs, knows the power and potential of it. However, seldom people spend money on social media management. Not only small business owners but big entrepreneurs also feel that hiring Social Media Managers is a waste of money.

social media managers

Some people think that they can take care of it by spending some time on the Internet on weekends. Sometimes, people hire mediocre service providers who add no value to the situation.

Is it such a mundane and trivial activity which can be managed with such a casual approach? Can it be handled on ad-hoc basis?

No, it is not! In fact, to extract the maximum juice out of it, you need not only do an in-depth sense of business strategy but prudence as well.  Also, you should have the knack of connecting with others.

Do you think you can do it apart from managing your business? It is better to hire professionals who know the ins and outs of it. Here are a few reasons to substantiate the statement.

Social media managers have a concrete plan

Yes, they do not approach you unprepared. A good media manager always comes with strategy and theme. He creates posts that are in line with the theme. The strategy is discussed with the client first, and it gets implemented after getting approval.

The objective is to keep the social media account moving. A rarely updated media account loses its visibility.  Some social media like Twitter expect more frequent updates whereas Facebook requires a daily frequency.

Your social media managers know these tips and tricks, and you need not worry.

Good social media managers maintain the right balance

When you hire social media managers, he maintains the right balance between text, images, and videos.  Since you want to draw good engagement by every post, each of them has to be explored.

Experts say that videos are much more effective than other formats because the impact is deep and long-lasting.

Even if your media manager is not well-versed with technical things such as graphic design, he can add value by making the clever use of Snapchat or Instagram. Of course, technical knowledge will enhance results further.

As visual social media sites become more and more powerful and effective, branding in social media becomes further important.

Different strategies for different accounts

Yes, one size doesn’t fit all! A common social media strategy is not for every account. Based on the nature of the business and different demographics catered by the website, social media managers focus efforts to add value.

He largely depends on analytics to understand what website offers more value. However, insight and understanding of the subject also play a major role in deciding the right strategy.

He reads and interprets the data and determines the effectiveness of a particular post.

Do you wish to avail the benefits of social media? Hire a social media manager.


Social Media Management for Celebrities

You get overwhelmed when your favorite celebrity who you have been following on social media responds to your message or reacts in witty manner. But do these celebrities personally do it?  Well, barring a few exceptions the majority of them hire social media management professionals.

Is it heartbreaking news? Well, it shouldn’t be. When you become a celebrity, it is quite obvious that you have hundreds or thousands of followers spread across different social media channels. Managing a large number of followers can be a challenge unless you seek the help of professionals.

Social media marketing managers like Spree Marketing are experienced in managing social media accounts of several stars of Hindi & Marathi television and the movie world. It is all about creating your social media brand and Spree does it effectively for its clients. With superior services, it manages several social media accounts of Celebrities, TV Serials and Movies.

social media management for celebrities

Services include getting profiles verified (Blue Tagged) in Facebook

Go viral if you want excellent audience growth

Yes, it is the success mantra. Unless you go fiercely viral, it is not possible to build an audience.
This is the reason celebrities build their image in the virtual world by hiring experts. They not only make you viral but also maintain your social voice and unique stand. Also, they keep your social media handlers updated and keep then interesting enough so that more and more people visit the page.
Remember, attention span is very limited in the virtual world, and it is reducing day by day. From levels of 12 seconds once upon a time, it has dropped to 8 seconds. Don’t you think it is very much difficult to catch hold of a user’s attention unless you have interesting stuff?
Exciting content has helped several celebrities gain popularity in the glamour world. Agencies like Spree Marketing that offer Social Media Management for Celebrities know the knack of it.

A few popular tricks of Celebrity Social Media Management

When Spree Marketing receives the task of managing the social media profile of a celebrity, each case is looked into differently. Every client is unique and so are their social media needs.

Based on the user profile and type of fan following, a detailed strategy is decided. Some examples of typical social media account management are:

  • Periodic posting of tweets
  • Unexpected posting of tweets
  • Providing a glimpse into the personal life of celebrities in such a way that it doesn’t become offending
  • Posting meaningful content
  • Major events related to the celebrity, behind the scenes, curtain raisers, etc.
  • Daily content posting
  • Sticking to a narrative to maintain consistency and reliability
  • Responding to Followers’ Messages
  • Responding to other tweets and retweeting the same

Creating a brand and enhancing its social media value is an ongoing process. Even if it is an open avenue, marketing companies follow management tactics to build a great audience and voice.

Spree makes Social Media Management distinctly effective

Spree Marketing is a well-known name in the field of social media promotion. It makes social media accounts of their clients by making it as engaging as possible. It has been managing facebook pages and social accounts of several Marathi stars, e.g. Titeeksha Tawde, Surabhi Hande and Suruchi Adarkar. It has been managing the same for several TV serials like Chuk Bhul Dyavi Gyavi and Ka Re Durawa.
Engagement with the celebrities is the biggest reason people want to remain connected with their favorite stars. It gives a feeling of getting a sneak peek into the life, and it is a Feel Good factor when the stars respond. It creates a personal connect.
No wonder, every celebrity wants to leverage the social media interaction as much as possible. Nowadays, all celebrities, political leaders, media personalities, thinkers, and writers are active on social media.
They respond to their followers, mention them in other tweets, retweet further and tag multiple times to increase visibility. It is a win-win situation. Both the celebrity and the followers increase their web presence.
Interestingly, celebrity and social media management companies like Spree Marketing do it so seamlessly that nobody could guess the reality behind it.

Engagement builds audience and audience builds popularity. Popularity is like Oxygen for celebrities. It explains the how critical the matter is and hiring an expert in celebrity social media management makes the task structured.