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Bing’s algorithm attempts to produce the most relevant result considering click through popularity and the pages reputation ranking score. What will be revealed first/at the top is more popular and has a higher ranking score page. ┬áIn order to improve SEO for Bing, you can add relevant meta keywords to your homepage to evangelize your desired image branding. Furthermore, in certain locations, you may encounter additional competition versus other locations (city/state).

Bing website ranking is completely automated.

The Bing ranking algorithm analyses factors such as webpage content, the number and quality of websites that link to your webpages, and the relevance of your website’s content to keywords. The algorithm is complex and is never human-mediated. You can’t pay to boost your website’s relevance ranking. However, Bing does offer advertising options for websites.

Each time the index is updated, previous relevance rankings are revised. Therefore, you might notice a shift in your website’s ranking as new websites are added and others become obsolete.

Although you can’t directly change your website’s ranking, you can optimize its design and technical implementation to enable appropriate ranking by most search engines. The more links you have from high quality, related, websites the better your site is going to be indexed and ranked.

Original Content is vital in SEO for Bing

For low-quality mostly aggregated contents, it is strongly recommended that you produce more original content which will eventually assist in raising your ranking reputation score, plus elevating your prominent page placement in the future. Also, you must remain patient as indexed page content will not re-appear until bing continually re-crawls your website.

Following these SEO for Bing best practices will assist Webmasters in improving their reputation ranking score to elevate their prominent page placement within the SERP (Bing as well as other search engine results).

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