How Blogging Helps Your Search Engine Ranking

Google has recently released updated versions of its Panda and Penguin algorithms.  Panda is primarily designed to lower the ranking of websites with low quality ‘thin’ content while Penguin catches those sites that are buying links or obtaining them from sites designed only with the purpose of improving rankings. With regular algorithm updates, new sites or updated sites not previously caught, are also getting trapped now.

blogging improves SEO

This leaves no choice but to make fresh, engaging & dynamic content the only genuine option for search engine optimization. This is why blogging is now more important than ever. Regular blogging helps in improve your freshness score, and also gives you something to talk about and share within your social communities. This, in turn, will generate more inbound traffic to your website, raising your credibility rating leading to improved search engine rankings.

Simple tips to begin with blogging are –

  1. Write on specific topics using relevant keywords
  2. Keep it fresh and updated. Search Engines will recognize you to be an expert on the topic.
  3. Keep it relevant. It should answer the questions people have, solve problems and be interesting. This is what gives you genuine engagement and improves chances of people sharing the topic.