7 Steps to increase your Facebook Group members to 1000+

Facebook groups are good for the purpose of promotion and advertisement purposes in any industry. A Facebook group can actually increase your network and give you a way to show your content and products to multiple people on a single platform. Facebook groups are widely used by large companies, businesses, artists, bands, traders, consultants etc. So, If you also own a Facebook group want to increase its group members then follow the step listed below.

networking facebook group

1. Post Regularly

You must post regular content related to the niche of your group. Try adding at least more than one post on your group whether it is text, image or video.

There are some tools available for scheduling the posts like Buffer and Hootsuite. By using these tools you can schedule your group post to any desired time and day. If you post worthy content on your group on a daily basis then people will share it more and there are more chances to attract new people to your group.

2. Engage with Facebook group members

If you are the owner of a group then you should keep indulging with your audience. In this way, the will feel that the group is fully active and happening. They will stay there permanently and invite their friends to your group also.

3. Filter all the Posts from Facebook Group members

Some times people come to the groups to only post their spammy and inappropriate content to the groups. If someone is doing this thing on your group then it will be bad for both the group and its members.

Always use the filter and approve the post after reviewing them properly.

4. Make your Facebook Group Special

Keep doing the things on the group that people love the most. Create polls, surveys, and online competitions to make your group more interesting. Do giveaways and promotional activities. People will love your group when you make them love it by your efforts.

5. Manage the joining requests

Do not make your group open for everyone. Always review the joining requests, watch their profile and allow them only if you find them worthy. Quality of the members will matter more than their quantity. So, allow and welcome the people who are coming here for genuine purposes.

6. Invite your Friends and share your Facebook Group

There are more possibilities that the manual invitation like emails and SMS will work better as an invitation to your group. Try adding your Facebook friends to your Group and make some deserving friends contributors too. Tell them to share your group link to their profiles.

7. Send Group Notifications

Enable group notifications so that people get a notification whenever someone posts anything on the group. This will provide the post more reach and audience then people will posting on your group regularly.


Once you start following these rules, you will definitely start getting lots of invitations in very little time. And when you achieve this, it will become the strongest belonging for your brand.


Maintaining the Heart of your Digital Marketing Web

Marketing platforms are morphing and widening at a stupendous speed. Not so long ago, the only media platforms were newspapers and radio but now communications and transmission platforms have multiplied and new pathways of marketing have evolved, the most evident and recent ones being digital marketing and social media marketing. Albeit the existence of such wide platforms one thing remains a basic need- your brand’s personal blog and almost all businesses keep one to get in touch with new and old clients alike.


But with the presence of so many digital marketing platforms of sharing and connecting with your clients out there, a lot of business houses often unintentionally end up ignoring their blogs and homepages and this seems like a fair mistake and as it goes with marketing- A tiny mistake could cost you a considerable number. This number could be anything, the number of likes, comments, visitors, or clients but they all lead to a loss of invested money. So while staying up to date with new ways to market your brand gives you an advantageous edge, ignoring your website could be counterproductive and is a grave mistake that might bring your efforts back to a big zero.

Keep Updating:

As an entrepreneur you already have a lot of departments to deal with and this keeps your mental processes in a constant state of stir. Now with this it is easy to forget temporarily about certain marketing platforms but your website is the heart of your business’s marketing web and it needs frequent updating. While the outline of the website requires only periodic overhauling, blogs need constant revision.

Keep The Content In Mind:

A focused approach is always better than the half-hearted, haphazard one. This said; keep your blogs search engine optimized and content centric. Your business may provide a variety of services and may provide various kinds of clients but each topic that you put up a blog on must be content centric to lead not just the existing clients but also new potential clients to your business website.

Stay Active

Maintaining a blog is a lot about staying active. And this does not end once you have updated your blogs or revamped your site. Digital marketing is about reconnecting with you clients and establishing a method of communication with new ones and hence a huge part of maintaining your blogs is replying or commenting back on the comments and queries you get on your site. Very few businesses tend to remember this aspect and provision given under your write-up but it remains a great way to score more cookie points with your clients easily.

Linking is a Digital Marketing Tactic

Attaching significant links on your own blog or adding inbound links redirecting to your website is a good way to ensure more traffic inflow and increase the number of visitors to your website. Referencing has always been a great method to hit a chord with the reader or even just to make the article more explanatory and similarly, referencing services and products through links in your blogs is a great way to enrich your content.



How to get more followers on Instagram

Everyone wants pretty pictures, trendy backgrounds, compliments for comments and a good number of followers on Instagram. The social media platform became a rage the very moment it was released and the popularity still grows strong. While managing your profile is pretty much in your own hands, it is gathering a huge following on the app that’s the tricky part. But for a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs this becomes an important aspect of using the application to establish a social media presence. Yet the question remains- How does one get more Instagram followers?


Get Inspired-

The amount of research that goes behind artistic ideas should never be undermined. This does not mean that you duplicate the presentation or profile idea but instead use those to know what works and where you can be unique yourself. Instagram followers are out looking for inspiring ideas but you need that mind-set to develop your own page idea fundamentally.

Conform or rebel-

Being distinct has always been thought of as demanded traits but the world of Instagram is not that confined. Instagram offers an “explore” option that is customized according to each user and your main goal while scoring more followers is to end up in this section of potential followers. The best way to achieve this is to strike a perfect balance between conforming to ideas, the social drift and keeping your distinct identity alive.


Be authentic! This can never be stressed enough. While you’re establishing or widening your social media presence you cannot be spurious. Real followers are looking for real brands, inventiveness and creative expression and you cannot do that by posing to be something you are not. Get yourself a niche and vibe with people who belong to that niche.

Tag it right-

Being quirky and rare gets you an individual presence but there are certain things that you have to conform to- like trends and tags that will get you in the limelight. Hashtags gained extreme popularity thanks to Instagram and you could lengthen your followers list by using multiple popular hashtags and ranking high on the recommendations list.


A very recent and infallible way of increasing Instagram followers is through giveaways. Instagram stars keep their fans or followers engaged by giving away lots and lots of freebies and gifts. Additionally, you could keep an interactive follower base by creating various quizzes followed by little awards and presents. Although social media is huge, endless and ever evolving there are certain things that standard for all kinds of people in any part of the world.

Get in touch-

The Instagram stars and trending brands that you see get a lot of ideas by following and keeping in touch with other similar trend setters and in most cases with their followers as well. Be vigilant about what reviews, comments and suggestions you get from your already existing followers and own up to it. When you know what it is that your followers are looking for, you’ll be able to not just keep the existing ones but also gain popularity in potential and even the most surprising places.