Why Do Some YouTube Videos Go Viral?

Have you wondered why some videos go viral while most of the videos you upload struggle to get numbers? Well, we’ve researched why youtube videos go viral and here are some of our inputs:

1) Your YouTube video needs to tell a great story!

Yes, again, content is king! No matter what you want to sell, if the story is interesting and fun to watch, most of your job is done! So, it doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell, the story displayed should capture the viewer’s attention. Do you remember the video you saw of people looking into the mirror only to see their ‘baby versions’ as the reflection? Wasn’t that something new? The actual product was displayed only in the last 5 seconds.
Here it is again – Enjoy!!!

2) Something that’s unexpected has more chances to go viral

Have you ever heard of a dog base jumping? Even watching a regular base jumper’s video is entertaining. Now here we have an unexpected situation of a man strapping his dog to his backpack and jumping off a cliff! And, it sure looks like the dog had the time of her life!

3) The appeal of imperfection and consumer participation.

The smash hit of 2012 Gangnam Style got millions of views in just a week. People didn’t care whether they understood Korean or what it meant. It was just some crazy guy doing a great dance step in a well done video. Pretty soon, there were several parodies created, an animated video and all of them went viral too!

And what about Kolaveri Di? The Tinglish number from India? The lyrics were in Tamil and English and it didn’t matter anyway. People tweeted the video link which grew by 200% everyday, news channels took interviews of the actor Dhanush and that further fueled interest. The video displayed lack of precision and imperfections. This was something the masses could identify with, leaving some room for imagination, self-projection and empathy. Again, there were a lot of parodies generated, the traffic police put up hoardings saying “Why this Kolaveri Di? Drive safely!” and I remember another video which gave the answer “That’s why Kolaveri Di”. That did well too!

The example I’m leaving for you is “Nyan Cat”. It’s not composed of too many lyrics but I’m sure all of us can identify with something like this 🙂 At the time of posting it had 111 million views.

Thanks for reading this and do share your reasons why some videos go viral!