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Maintaining the Heart of your Digital Marketing Web

Marketing platforms are morphing and widening at a stupendous speed. Not so long ago, the only media platforms were newspapers and radio but now communications and transmission platforms have multiplied and new pathways of marketing have evolved, the most evident and recent ones being digital marketing and social media marketing. Albeit the existence of such wide platforms one thing remains a basic need- your brand’s personal blog and almost all businesses keep one to get in touch with new and old clients alike.


But with the presence of so many digital marketing platforms of sharing and connecting with your clients out there, a lot of business houses often unintentionally end up ignoring their blogs and homepages and this seems like a fair mistake and as it goes with marketing- A tiny mistake could cost you a considerable number. This number could be anything, the number of likes, comments, visitors, or clients but they all lead to a loss of invested money. So while staying up to date with new ways to market your brand gives you an advantageous edge, ignoring your website could be counterproductive and is a grave mistake that might bring your efforts back to a big zero.

Keep Updating:

As an entrepreneur you already have a lot of departments to deal with and this keeps your mental processes in a constant state of stir. Now with this it is easy to forget temporarily about certain marketing platforms but your website is the heart of your business’s marketing web and it needs frequent updating. While the outline of the website requires only periodic overhauling, blogs need constant revision.

Keep The Content In Mind:

A focused approach is always better than the half-hearted, haphazard one. This said; keep your blogs search engine optimized and content centric. Your business may provide a variety of services and may provide various kinds of clients but each topic that you put up a blog on must be content centric to lead not just the existing clients but also new potential clients to your business website.

Stay Active

Maintaining a blog is a lot about staying active. And this does not end once you have updated your blogs or revamped your site. Digital marketing is about reconnecting with you clients and establishing a method of communication with new ones and hence a huge part of maintaining your blogs is replying or commenting back on the comments and queries you get on your site. Very few businesses tend to remember this aspect and provision given under your write-up but it remains a great way to score more cookie points with your clients easily.

Linking is a Digital Marketing Tactic

Attaching significant links on your own blog or adding inbound links redirecting to your website is a good way to ensure more traffic inflow and increase the number of visitors to your website. Referencing has always been a great method to hit a chord with the reader or even just to make the article more explanatory and similarly, referencing services and products through links in your blogs is a great way to enrich your content.



7 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016

Every business independent of its size has to invest on marketing to increase or retain its market share or to maintain their goodwill. In today’s scenario, Digital Marketing has become an essential part of marketing activities, but the key is to be selective and go for the most efficient Digital Marketing strategies that are prevailing in the present and will stay for long.

digital marketing strategies

As the year ends and 2016 is approaching, your digital marketing strategy should be a combination of old as well as new techniques.  Here is our recommendation of 7 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016.

1. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is all about presenting yourself in the right way at the right place at the right time. It is about earning people’s interest by showing them relevant content while they are browsing online. Inbound marketing results in customers visiting the website with interest cultivated by this strategy; instead of Conventional Marketing where a company executive approaches a customer’s place.

2. Digital Outreach

It is nearly impossible to be a successful company without a digital presence. The key to attract customers is being at the top whenever they search something relevant. As searching is done on search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) becomes an essential part of Digital Marketing strategy. Picking keywords and optimizing your webpages should be at the top of your mind.

3. Blogging

Blogging is the best way to put up your message in your own unique style. Blogs can be found easily by the right prospective customers. Blogs should be clear and objective & the content of your blog must answer the question of the customer. Try using long tail keywords in your blogs to improve its search ability.

4. Enduring Appearance

Once your customers have been attracted and they are on your site, put up your best face forward. The website should be optimized, clean and impactful. Logo should be crafted in such a way that customers can identify you in future and re-live their experience by just seeing your logo. Helpful content should be there on the website.

5. Customer Relations

Any owner doesn’t just want random site views, ultimate aim is to convert strangers into customers. Contact information must be taken through forms or sign up processes. Contact information is the most valuable currency. Turn random site views by inorganic traffic into organic traffic.

6. Marketing Automation

Now you have your customer’s detail, follow them through emails. Send related mails only. If a customer was viewing some content, then in future send related series or any updates. Marketing Software like Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua and many more could handle this. These provide in-depth analytics on a single platform.

7. Ad Retargeting & Video Ads

Follow up your customers on the social platform by showing your ads with the content they love. Giving your message multiple times can have a positive impact. 2015 has been a successful year for Video Ad marketing strategy. Integration of video ads in apps, games and websites is the newest and successful ad strategy.


In today’s competitive world even Digital presence alone might not work as it did in 2014-15. Well planned and selective Digital Marketing strategies can put you above your competitors in 2016. As the New Year is on its way, implement these strategies will definitely boost your marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing – Boost your business

Power of Digital Marketing

What sets apart digital marketing from other forms of marketing & advertising is its basic advertising features. While the world is shifting towards technology, digital marketing emerged as an effective module to reach to your customers anytime, anywhere they are.

A big relief to all you brands, business out there, now that with Digital Marketing you can reach out to your audience easily & also you can measure the returns from your spend.

Online Marketing has become a priority for business around the world, digital methods of communication & marketing are faster, practical & well managed.

SEO, SMM, PPC, Dispay Ads - Power of Digital Marketing

SEO, SMM, PPC, Dispay Ads


SEO (Search engine optimization) enables you to feature as a service provider whenever your customer types/searches for the product you are dealing in. SEM lays a foundation for a strong online presence by allowing your website rank in the search results for terms relevant to your business

Social Media Marketing: Social Media programs enable to take your brand, message, product, service to the audience, thereby involving them in your brand connect, conveying & engaging through your messages which also encourages your users to share your message, this appears to be highly trusted source as opposed to the brand or company itself.

With social media you can not only reach out to your audience but also develop a strong relationship.

The module of Pay per click showcases your ad whenever the user types in for the products, services you deal in. However this is one of the most efficient marketing tool. Where you get the visibility however you end up paying only when someone clicks on to your add. A smart ad copy will enable you to attract as many customers as possible. With display ads get noticed on the top websites where you are likely to find your customers.

Spree Marketing qualifies in offering all the digital marketing services. Let us understand the nature of your business, scope of work & we shall be ready with the plan & tool that will best suite your business to connect to the world with the online marketing. Spree Marketing understands the impact & power of digital marketing thus everything we do for you is geared towards providing increase in business & positive relationship with your customers.