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Guaranteed SEO Services

I’ve often been asked the question, “Do you provide guaranteed SEO services?” or “Will you guarantee a first page Google rank? Other SEO companies do so“. While, we have on several occasions achieved top SEO rankings or first page results, there are several good reasons why a strong and reputable SEO company should not “guarantee” results.

guaranteed seo services

If you’ve availed SEO services before, very often you would have been told results would appear within a few months. So, how do you know your SEO consultants are working on it all this while? You’re not able to measure the results since they’re not immediate. In order to avoid the anxiety of what isn’t confirmed, it is quite understandable you would then get attracted to the idea of “Guaranteed SEO services”.

A common tendency is to go in for it because – 1) It’s guaranteed, I won’t pay if it doesn’t work 2) It’s cheap, let me try it out 3) If it doesn’t work, I’ve lost little anyway and can still try the other more expensive firm later.  Unfortunately, dealing with a low quality SEO company can often result in you 1) Losing your time 2) Losing your money 3) Being penalized by Google and losing whatever original rankings you had.

A random search for SEO services in a search engine is likely to show you sponsored ads claiming “Guaranteed SEO Services” or “First page SEO guaranteed!”  or “Get top 10 Google rankings” or even “First rank in Google – $100”. For that matter, why not browse through the SPAM folder in your email?  You might see the same ads there!

Google’s official statement on SEO reads –
“No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings.”

Here is Google’s one-page SEO guideline:

Google One Page SEO Guideline

Google One Page SEO Guideline – Click to access PDF

Reasons why you shouldn’t look for Guaranteed SEO Services

1)      Most SEO companies that offer guaranteed SEO services select their own keyword phrases that do not have much competition. Thus, there is a fairly high chance of success but the question is how many people are searching for that phrase? Will it bring any genuine traffic at all?

2)      Rankings aren’t stable as you might have been led to believe.
Have you tried being logged in to Google and searching for the same keyword phrase after logging out? Chances are the order of results will vary. Try searching for the same phrase from Mumbai and from Delhi – again most likely you will not see the same results.

3)      Rankings aren’t the overall performance metric
A great SEO campaign can be measured in terms of traffic generated and not ranking generated.  Achieving a high rank is a means of achieving the final goal which is traffic & a high rank may not be the only means, it is one of the means.

4)      Guarantees can’t be made for things you don’t control. How can you guarantee something that is a moving target? Google has changed it’s search algorithm far too often and always kept everyone guessing. Even a Google employee will agree that tactics that worked six months back have been devalued almost instantly.

So don’t go for guaranteed SEO services.  Go for smart & passionate SEO experts like Spree Marketing to work on your website’s search engine optimization increasing your traffic progressively and ultimately getting you the results you want. We will guarantee that we will provide you sound advice to get the traffic you want and give you a sense of satisfaction that we are your long term partners.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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How To Fool A Search Engine

“You can fool a search engine bot, but you can’t fool the user”

Can you fool a search engine?

Search Engine Bots crawl websites to index pages relevant to the searched keyword or phrase. Major search engines like Google & Bing consistently upgrade their spiders to ensure links with the most apt content appear in search results. Original  & pertinent content is the best method to rank high in searches. So, you can’t really fool a search engine since the composition matters most but great content also needs to be supplemented by certain search engine approved parameters…

Let us look at some Search Engine Optimization Techniques 

1) The <H1> tag  –  This is a heading tag used in HTML. A little knowledge of HTML would go a long way in improving your search engine rankings.

If you have reached this page by searching for “How To Fool A Search Engine” you would also notice that the heading of this page is in an <H1> tag! The heading tags, especially <H1>, convey to the search engine what is the topic the page is about and the search engine would generally assume the page content is relevant to the heading.

There are other ways to create a large size heading as well, for instance doing so in the css file. But this doesn’t have as much of an impact in improving search engine rankings and search engine optimization. Such a page can also be relevant to the user but it wouldn’t have the desired result in search engines!

2) Naming of the URL – Most search engines also parse out the name of the URL or the filename of the page.

If you look in the URL of this page, the name that appears is How-to-fool-a-search-engine. Notice also that there are no underscores ( _ ) in the URL, we are using hyphen ( – ). Google & other search engines relate to the hyphen better than the underscore when it comes to indexing keywords. Another thing to note is, connecting words like to, in, for, at etc. are often ignored by search engines. So How-fool-search-engine would have almost the same impact as How-to-fool-a-search-engine. The search engine bots also go by the assumption that the name used in the URL provides credence that the page is based on that topic. You would have also noticed how Google highlights URL words in search results that match the keywords searched for.

How To Fool A Search Engine

Spree Marketing – Digital Marketing Company Pune | SEO Company Pune

3) Alt & Title tags in images – Alt tags assist Google in providing image search results. And, though debatable, it also adds to the keywords used in the page as a whole. While the alt tag should convey what the image is about, you can also consider using your main keyword in the image alt tag. Check the above image again – if you hover your mouse over the image above, you would see the alternative text showing up as “How To Fool A Search Engine”.

4) Meta Tags – Again, make full use of the title and description tags. I have used the title “How To Fool A Search Engine“. The search engine bots expect the meta description to be sufficiently indicative of the content in the body. And if it indeed is, this helps even more!

5) Keywords, of course! So if this page is supposed to be search engine optimized to be visible as a result for the search “How To Fool A Search Engine“, it must contain the keyword “How To Fool A Search Engine”. Not too many times though! Try and count the number of times it appears in this page… Some 2-3% of the whole content should be good enough!

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SEO Company In Pune (Search Engine Optimization Services)

Looking for an SEO Company in Pune (Search Engine Optimization Services)? You have found the right page! Spree Marketing is an SEO Company in Pune that offers Specialized SEO Services and will surely assist in getting your website to the top! Please go through the below SEO Basics for your understanding and contact us on +91-9867222648 / info@spree.marketing

SEO Chart

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website or a web page in a manner so as to improve its ranking for specific keyword searches in major internet search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO refers to natural search results also known as organic search results only and does not refer to paid advertisements appearing in search results. Organic search results have a lot more credibility than paid ads for the user since owing to the tremendous credibility, reputation and reach of Google and Bing, the user will be more confident the natural result is most likely to provide the information he is searching for.

Why Is hiring an SEO Company Important?

Search Engines are designed to pull out the most relevant webpages with respect to the keywords entered. More relevant pages get higher page ranks. Users are aware of this and thus they have more faith in higher ranking search results.

The higher a webpage is in search results, the more likelihood is there of the user clicking on it and visiting the website. Thus, the most important criteria for getting traffic to your website is its page rank which depends on the quality of Search Engine Optimization done.

SEO Company In Pune

With Pune becoming a business & IT Hub as well as outsourcing center, a number of organisations are enlisting services to companies here. Spree Marketing is an SEO Company in Pune, India with all the expertise at their command to deliver to the needs of clients.

We have expertly trained and Google certified staff with strong expertise and a long experience in SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing and other forms of Digital Marketing. Our Search Engine Optimization efforts are up-to-date, all-natural, quick and effective.

How Is SEO Done?

The most important and natural way to improve your search ranking is to have all relevant, natural and original content related to the topic being searched for. This is the best and most effective way to ensure a higher ranking for your webpage. An essential factor is the keyword density which is the percentage of times the relevant keyword or phrase appears in the page.

Most SEO experts would concur that the current recommended keyword density for Google is 2-3%. Exceeding that would be considered as keyword stuffing which can cause Google to penalize the website.

How To Avoid Getting Your Website Penalized?

An amateur SEO effort can result in disaster for your web page. Major search engines have now released updates which check for and penalize websites & pages created using Black Hat SEO techniques done solely for the purpose of getting a quick high page rank. This penalization can result in the webpage dropping several notches in search results as well as getting banned altogether from search.

Spree Marketing - SEO Company In Pune

Link Building is an important tactic.

Links should be generated by getting relevant websites to connect to you via news articles & reviews or have major news & classified sites put up updates about your business and link to your site.

Buying backlinks from non-credible sources is a sure way of achieving penalization especially for new websites. Here are some natural ways of generating high value backlinks.

An SEO Company in Pune that avoids Black Hat Techniques:

Here are some fairly common techniques of incorrect SEO (also known as Black Hat). It may have temporary gains but in the long run will push your rankings down:

  • Keyword stuffing – Too high keyword density is recognized as spam and can result in downgrading your websites rankings.
  • Creating duplicate content – This includes copying text used elsewhere and from other websites.
  • Cloaking – Creating scripts to display different URLs to search engines to match their SEO requirements and differently designed URLs to users. Most search engines have now released updates to counter this strategy.
  • Purchasing Backlinks – While having other websites pointing to your page helps increase its importance and thus ranking, this needs to be done in a natural way and from credible websites only.

Why Is Social Media Activity Important for SEO?

Having years of expertise in social media marketing as well, as we grow to be a prominent SEO Company in Pune, our analysis over the years shows that Social Media activity has significant weightage in pushing up your website traffic and relevance. As Google determines your site to be more relevant, your rankings go up as well.

Both Google and Bing have incorporated social signals as a factor to determine rankings in search results. Participating in social sharing sites is crucial to SEO. If you don’t have a Facebook fan page, a twitter account or a Google+ page, you are missing out. Nowhere is this so clearly visible as in Google+ where direct links to relevant posts often appear in Google search results.

Getting quality social shares and being widely shared on social networks is vital to SEO because more and more people get to see your website and brand. Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and Google +1s are all used as signals in organic search rankings.

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